The big ToDo list

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The big ToDo list

Postby vogelsap » 23 Aug 2015, 13:27

Hey all! First off, thank you all for sending us all your bug reports. We're in the process of examining them and looking into how we can fix them.

Here's what we found:

Important bugs/issues:
- Black screen on match launch
- Menu scrolling bug, in which the highlighted selection keeps scrolling down
- Game crash after black screen
- Game won't start with full lobby, keeps stuck at 60 seconds
- A Lagspike that will cause the player to look in a different direction
- Windows 10 related crashes
- Players using the same router sometimes have issues connecting with each other
- You can join someone else's tutorial
- On startup game you run into a timer which doesn't allow you to enter the menu (quick solution press 'E' and 'Z' at the same time to skip the timer)

- Sometimes when trying to join it says "connecting to server" but it goes back to main menu
- A bug that doesn't send kill message to population server
- Switching to fullscreen mode doesn't work
- Collider bug in Cave
- String not found (some sentences seem to be missing)
- Players are set on ready, but it doesn't display like that
- Multi monitor support
- Key mapping/controls not clearly displayed

We're working on a patch, but we want to do it right and not bring out a 'hotfix' that potentially could ruin more.

We prioritize fixing the easy to fix bugs first. Expect a new update on this tomorrow!

Also please keep sending bug reports to That way it's easier for us to find and collect all error reports. Thank you :).
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Re: The big ToDo list

Postby Wandschrank » 14 Jan 2016, 16:52

bug: check connection allways!
PLS Help want to play! I only play the tutorial and next time i will play it allways says Check Connection!
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