Hello Community!!

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Hello Community!!

Postby DreamEaterCoa » 19 Nov 2014, 23:01

I was thinking,maybe some of people who help develop the game should get rewarded.Personally i think that Hellsign,Xerceng... should get rewarded and i nominate them! :D
P.S Sorry for my inactivity i had problems with my interent conncetions for the past few weeks...
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Re: Hello Community!!

Postby hellsing » 24 Nov 2014, 13:33

First, let me open up this post with a thank you for the initiative but I am sure that it wasn't only me and Xerceng.. I mean, we all helped develop the game, we all came with our own ideas and initiatives. It could have been any of us to start up a fan community, but it happened to be me. That's not big deal - as long as we're all friends, we get along good and we enjoy playing with each other, what bigger reward could it be out there for us? :D

But still - I personally thank you for nominating and having the idea, I wasn't expecting something like this. :D

I'd rather propose to Vogelsap to make up a selection of players and "add" them to the staff - not officially, but, you know, someone who talks to them about news, moderators on the forums, a member who keeps an eye or two on their Twitter and inform us when there's something new out etc.
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