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Postby Rickeno » 07 Jul 2015, 02:41

I know this is probably a silly question, but I received a key for the closed beta and I am incredibly excited about tomorrow.

however I am rather curious as to what changes have been made for the beta, is it a surprise or has it been posted somewhere that I am unaware of?
I would love to see a full changelog at some point, and I am ready to jump back into the ring once again.
thank you for the hard work being pumped into this intriguing product.
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Re: Changes

Postby vogelsap » 07 Jul 2015, 08:16

The most obvious things you will notice are the new maps. We've also added multiple new features that improve on game-play. Other noticeable things are audio improvements, graphical details, stability, performance, main menu improvements and more I just can't list at the moment as we're very busy.

As soon as we get the opportunity we'll try to compose a change log with all the updates.
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