Not enough players?

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Not enough players?

Postby Hreidmar1423 » 16 Jul 2015, 16:18

I think this Beta needs more players as the quickmatch is only possible for the first 30 minutes of a testing then everything is quiet.
200 out of 4000 players is not enough to properly test this Beta version of the game especially not in such short period of time that is 6 days for 4 hours only as that equals to 24 hours all together available for testing.
So if I'm not present at the start of testing come online lets say an hour late nobody plays or at least I can't find nobody in quickmatch to play with even if I leave it to search for 10 minutes.
I truly want this game to be polished an as successful as possible but with such low quantity of players I doubt we can do any serious testing.
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Re: Not enough players?

Postby Damir Popovic » 16 Jul 2015, 18:44

Hey Hreidmar1423,

Thanks for your concerns, we've been sending out multiple keys as we've noticed a drop in testers. Hopefully there will be more in the final days.

Damir Popovic
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