Basic Advice of some sort

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Basic Advice of some sort

Postby Narlavor » 22 Aug 2015, 18:45

Hi guys, I'm surprised nobody really posted any advice so I'll just post anything I noticed since starting to play yesterday. This is mostly about the carrier, since there isn't much to say about the flock in my opinion.
  • Most people should have noticed already, but the lamp only shines while you are moving, so don't stand still.
  • You can turn your lamp off with the E key. I found this to be useful while waiting for an artifact (the blue thing) to spawn or when moving around in general. With the lamp turned off its harder to detect you, and if you notice one of the flock is near you, simply reactivate it with E key. This can cause some fun moments when you get attacked and they jump right into your lamp thinking it ran out of power.
  • Change the way the light shines with the mouse wheel. The long-range light makes it possible to start capturing the artifact while you are moving towards it and saves you quite some time. Also many flock players are caught by surprise when they suddenly melt to lava because you killed them from far away with the long-range light.
  • As one of the flock create a decoy with the E key. You can confuse the carrier so that he thinks this is you, and then attack him from behind. Or you get to the artifact before he does, place a decoy behind a corner (or basically anywhere he can't see what's behind) and switch back to the decoy with pressing the E key again when he's walking past it. It seems the decoy sometimes lasts for a long time and at other times breaks after a short while, I haven't figured that one out yet.
I hope I could help at least one person with this. If there already is a post like this somewhere here I'm sorry. :?
By the way: I mentioned which key needs to be pressed, because the controls in the Advanced Tutorial and the ingame controls don't match up (at least that was the case when I last checked, they might have fixed it by now).
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Re: Basic Advice of some sort

Postby JDub » 24 Aug 2015, 03:12

Nope, not fixed yet, so your post is much appreciated.

And if I may, I'll add another piece of advice: look up! You can pounce in mid-air as a creature, so if you jump right you can be on the lightbearer without having touched the ground.

Too many people look in front and behind them, but not up :twisted:
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Re: Basic Advice of some sort

Postby vogelsap » 24 Aug 2015, 13:52

Those are some great tips Narlavor and looking up as JDub said is definitely key for survival.

About the decoy:
You can only place a decoy and switch with it once per flock life. When the player dies, the decoy crumbles.

Thanks for your post!
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