Can something be done?????

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Can something be done?????

Postby FrustratedFlock » 30 Sep 2015, 00:15

I'm pretty sure the game is dead now, but why? it just released.... I mean devs i thank you for patching some things up, but why not add a few more maps/modes/skins.....anything! some leaderboards would be nice, don't get me wrong this game is great, love the concept reminds me of l4d but it just needed a little more and its so frustrating as a supporter to launch the game and have no one playing.... Really looks bad on you guys... have you guys run out of ideas? kinda hard with community feedback like this. If it really was a money grab, then that's just sad because you had something good going, possibly worth more then what was made. It would of been great to see more games with population and permadeath or w/e. Hope you guys can bring this game back to life cause i feel i've wasted time and money for nothing...

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Re: Can something be done?????

Postby thecornfruit » 04 Oct 2015, 13:01

Why is the game dead? Because it's an alpha that's fun to play maybe once. Once I experienced the gameplay mechanic, there's nothing else to keep me coming back. The game is hardly past the point of a tech demo. Very interesting concept that needs much more work to be considered a game.

There is no polish anywhere in the menu system, animations are stiff and unconvincing, there are very few maps, there is nothing to the matchmaking system (or even any in-game messaging). Every aspect of the game screams "tech demo" to me. Happy to have paid $10 for 2 copies, it's worth that.
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