does any play this dead game any more ?

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does any play this dead game any more ?

Postby rukisumiku » 12 May 2016, 11:45

i play for 3 hrs to day and not a soul on so i just leap of the side of the map to my death for some time.

if we can get 100 or 50 player to leap to they death every day 10 time the count down will go down fast.

here so shitey math 100x10=1000x30days is 30,000 and last i so the count down was 215,358,979 it would take 7,178.632 days or rounding you 20 years "OMG right" not a lat of fun right.

may be a fuck ton of bots then.

at this point i'm just bored as fuck.

and i don't thing the dev care a this point in time

this post may be just crape but it my post .
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