Greetings Flockians

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Greetings Flockians

Postby Fay » 07 Nov 2014, 02:18

So.. I just realised that the company making this game is Dutch. I was born and raised there until I moved eight years ago (I'm nearly 28 now) . I even studied game/graphic design in Rotterdam... Small world! I've played so many games of varying types that I won't event bother listing them but some of my favourites are Myst, Dungeon Keeper, Guild Wars 2, Jedi Academy, Minecraft and more recently Evolve.

I lived in the south of the Netherlands until I was about 20 when I moved to the UK. I'm female and aside from my big passion for gaming I love to read, watch documentaries or Doctor Who, and learn new things in general. It's nice to meet all of you :)
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Re: Greetings Flockians

Postby hellsing » 07 Nov 2014, 18:47

Welcome, Fay!
Doctor Who? I also watched few episodes from it, shame to me. I couldn't really bother to watch more as I was following it on a TV channel but they stopped and, again - shame to me - so did I. Instead, I started watching supernatural, I really, really love it!

From gamer to gamer, I guess we all love Flock because of the unique concept *someone correct me but I think this is the first MMO of this type?* and it's also even more exciting to see that the game is developed by a team of young students.

Have fun on the forums and in game and looking forward to flock around with you in game. ^_^
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