Hey Flocks&Carriers!

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Hey Flocks&Carriers!

Postby TheWarlord » 07 Nov 2014, 16:31

My name is Dan, 16 years old and I am hopefully going to study Game development & Design at HKU just like the guys of Vogelsap.
I first played it at HKU's open house where I won both times I played.
You guys (Developers & Community memebers) are Awesome!
With greetings,
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Re: Hey Flocks&Carriers!

Postby hellsing » 07 Nov 2014, 18:44

Welcome to the forums, Dan! Well, great that you tried the game out before everyone could! The game is awesome, really, well done in its alpha phase!

Looking forward to seeing you in game with us and on the forums! :D
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