Hello Flock and Carriers!

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Hello Flock and Carriers!

Postby z4molxis » 12 Nov 2014, 06:12

Hi flockians and carriers, I'm Stefan, a 18 years old crazy dude what has a passion for gaming. I am from Romania and I really enjoy your game. Is fun and terrifying at the same time. I felt in love especially with the SFX, I also feel pretty lucky for getting the alpha key thanks to my brother from another mother xD(hellsing).
Is very awesome that a student team has done a huge thing like this. I just wait for the next updates and I'll start being more visible active on our Flock and Carry page.
All hail The Flock! So more things about me are that I am listening to old rock music and heavy metal/industrial metal , examples: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Rainbow, Judas Priest, Rammstein and many others.
I love comedy movies, historical, horror movies and historical/psihological Tv shows like Vikings, Hannibal and so on.
My favorites movies are Bravehearth, The Patriot, That's my boy, Jim Carrey movies, Wolf of Wall Street and Valhalla Rising<3.
I love history and everything about Vikings, Norse history and mythology and Ancient civilizations like Dacia, Greece. That's all about me guys. Nice to meet you all!(sorry for my English, I am not the best speaker)
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