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Postby Damir Popovic » 22 Aug 2015, 08:28

Some people are having some technical issues so heres a list you can use to quickly find a solution.

Game crashes with windows 10
Update windows 10 and your graphics driver to the latest version.

Stuck in windowed mode.
People have reported that using Alt+Enter solves this issue for them.
We'll make sure to fix this in a future patch.

Menu keeps scrolling and character is lookin around ingame.
If you're using a racing wheel make sure to unplug it.
We're still looking into this issue to find a viable fix.

Can't play the game on a secondary monitor
There is a workaround for this (we'll come with a real fix later). Hold the Alt key when pressing the play button in Steam. When The Flock starts up, you should first see a dialog window. In this window, you can select the monitor to play on.
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