stats and ranking

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stats and ranking

Postby generalsoapful » 15 Nov 2014, 09:06

Currently it's a fun game, but i do not have any motivation to play it again. I suggest that a way to track your stats
stats include: k/d, total Flock kills, total Carrier kills and points per minute (maybe something to do with your rank if that gets implemented)
I also suggest that you add some form of leveling up and unlocks (can be cosmetic, carrier weapons and Flock types with different abillities)
otherwise i think that people will stop playing soon.

I think this is already planned, but i'd like to see some better animations, especially the POV death animation.
currently when you get killed as a carrier from behind, you only see a very unclear flash of The Flock. I think it should grab you, and maybe scream in your face and bite (or scratch or something).
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Re: stats and ranking

Postby BananaScoper » 14 Jul 2015, 19:50

I would prefer the game to stay simple as it is accessible but cosmetic only unlocks would keep the(in my opinion)excellent game balance they have going but you would then feel a bit more personalised.
Also,I like the idea but i think if everyone looks the same it creates a thematic idea of why you want to get the light,to be unique and to gain "humanity"(or...little baby alien...thing :lol: )
What's the point of these things anyway?
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