Offline training

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Offline training

Postby caesar239 » 16 Jul 2015, 19:54

I'd like to see some kinda offline tutorial mode during the Beta . I've been playing The Flock for a while but I didn't know about E & Q moves untill now so it would be nice if I had the chance to master them before the Online matches re-open
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Re: Offline training

Postby Sunderfin » 23 Aug 2015, 11:28

I agree. A chance to run around, learn the maps, spread my wings( :shock: ) would be nice. Especially since, at time of post, all the controls aren't explained for keyboard settings.
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Re: Offline training

Postby Xt3rminat3 » 24 Aug 2015, 22:04

Also can we fix the issue where dying in the tutorial affects the total score. Kinda hard to learn the controls when you keep affecting the population total.
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Re: Offline training

Postby Damir Popovic » 25 Aug 2015, 18:00

Deaths from the tutorial do not count.
Damir Popovic
Dev Team
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