Carrier Variations

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Carrier Variations

Postby DarkPlazmaTwitch » 22 Aug 2015, 15:06

I believe that an interesting idea would be random keeper variations, evidenced by the changing of the emitted light from the Artifact, different colors would have different activated abilities (Perhaps by use of either the 'e' key or middle click) The abilities would only activate after a cool-down, and would also take some of the max charge of the Artifact when activated.

Red Light- The Detector

When the activate key is pressed, the Carrier will emit a red light, and will be able to see the locations of all of the Flock members on the map. The effect would last 30 Seconds. This would take half of the max charge of the Artifact, and it would only activate after the 30 second mark of being the Carrier.

Green Light- The Clone

When the activate key is pressed, the Carrier would release a clone of itself, and would become invisible for 10 seconds. When the clone is killed, the Flock member that attacked is frozen for 5 seconds. The clone will dissipate after 30 seconds, and its light will kill the Flock members. This ability would have a 50 second cool-down, and would cost 75% of your max charge.

Blue Light- The Teleporter

When the activate key is pressed, a small blue ring would form, this would be visible only to the Carrier, and it would mean that a waypoint had been set, the keeper may then teleport back to the waypoint at a small cost later on in the match, at any time. This ability would have a 20 second cool-down, and would cost 20% charge to set the waypoint, and 10% to recall. Only when the waypoint has been recalled does the countdown begin, and there is no initial cool-down.

Yellow Light- The Basic

Same as the Carrier now, has the largest range of beam size of all the Carriers. (passive, longest possible beam, and widest possible beam)

White Light- The Shiner

When the activate key is pressed, a blinding light would be released from the Carrier, destroying any of the Flock that is in a 20 meter radius, even if in stone form if they are under 10 meters away. This ability would have a One minute cool-down, not having an initial cool-down, and would completely discharge the artifact.

The random types of Carriers would be re-rolled each time that a new Carrier was decided, and all of the special carriers have a smaller beam than the basic. All the Carriers would have an equal chance to be rolled, and the lore explanation of this would be the Artifact reacting to the change of Carrier by changing itself. The initial blast around the Carrier would be the color of the specialty that the Carrier would become.
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Re: Carrier Variations

Postby sharknanney123 » 28 Aug 2015, 02:53

great idea but this game is supposed to be simple not Cod but great idea!
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