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Postby Sakura No Seirei » 31 Aug 2015, 14:37

For fairly obvious reasons, it's a really good idea if all the players in the match have pings to each other that are less than 200ms. Anythng over that causes problems with trying the carrier and flock being out of sync with each other, making the precision strikes you need against good carriers impossible. Is there a way to implement a system where you can't be matched with someone if the ping between the two o you is over 300ms or maybe 350ms?

For that matter, if I leave a match because of bad ping, is there a way to implement a system where I'm not automatically shoved back into exactly the same match when I try to join a new game? Seriously, if the ping's so bad that I can't play the match, endlessly shoving me back into the same match just makes me close the game down for the day and see if my luck's any better tomorrow.
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Re: Ping

Postby Paradoxolyth » 01 Sep 2015, 04:47

Have to Agree here. Even Though i am yet to meet such problems exept for a few moments. the ping of some people really ruins the fun. if an enemy flock dies on your screen just to kill you after his death then theres clearly something wrong.

i would'nt say Get kicked for highpings anytime. but a Control or button in the options of the game to choose the highest possible ping you want to play with ( for example 0-100ms, 100-200ms, 200-300ms, and so on.).

But. i Totally agree, without such an option the game would lose alot for me since this is a part of ruining the game of those who actually try their best in a competetive game. instead of just playing for some fun
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