You need to boost the player base

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You need to boost the player base

Postby MonsterClosets » 27 Feb 2016, 18:44

You said in your Dev update preceding halloween that you think The Flock is an 'event game'. I could not agree with this more. In fact, I recently reviewed The Flock on both Steam and Blogger (here) that outlines what I saw to be the major problems with the game.

Until the player base has grown to the point that you can simply open up the game, hit 'quick play' and find a game immediately, The Flock will remain nothing more than an event game. It is currently one that is only playable if you have a group of people to play with who all buy the game simultaneously. I have been pushing the community as hard as I can (hey, check out the steam group flockstock) in order to stimulate people to play, but it is unfortunately a case of players only playing when there are enough players which inevitably means that nobody plays.

This being said, I love the game. I want it to succeed but I think that as a dev team you are going in the wrong direction. I was shocked to read that you are releasing new maps and game modes - why? The game is great as it is (bugs notwithstanding); adding new content will not inspire people to play the game. Instead, you need to meet the players half way and lower the price with a 3/4/5 pack bundle option. People won't pay your current price to play a stillborn multi-player game irrespective of how good it is. Frankly, the game is in its death rattle as it is. You need to do something to drastically increase the player base and the best way I can think of to do that is to let people access it for cheap.
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