Bundle Stars - good start.

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Bundle Stars - good start.

Postby lorddelta » 28 Feb 2016, 04:27

So, I got this game as part of the Bundle Stars game...that was a good idea.

I have to say, its difficult to get into w.o. just jumping into things with a bunch of other players.

A) whoever made groups in steam was a genius. That makes the game 10 times better to play. If its just you vs 1 other player...that's no fun.

B) I would kinda like more to, you know, DO in the game. Its fun to play with others and hunt/be hunted, but I kinda wish it were more...complicated? Copies are a great start, I see a lot of suggestions from other players though - climbing walls, different modes of play.

C) Unlockables - you don't need very many, but it would be neat if playing in the game got you something, like a bit of backstory, or a new player skin, or something.

D) Your count-down counter is broken.

E) One amusing, but a bit silly thing in the game - so there's the 'flock' and there's the carrier - right now its in your best interest to attack the carrier 'last', since usually the other players will have attacked him before... so basically everyone usually all dies at once. Bemusing... but that game mechanic is a bit silly? No? Maybe there's a way to fix that. I kinda would like to keep it to the 'flock is on a team' part though.
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