The Game is Dead

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The Game is Dead

Postby Paradoxolyth » 25 Apr 2016, 11:33

The Title pretty much says everything. i havent heard anything from the developers for almost a year now, i think.
no game updates, no situational statements, i know quite a few people still enjoy the game, but in my opinion its propably easier to travel to each planet in "No Man's Sky" once its released, then to get the Death counter to zero right now.

If some Of the developement team see this they might take action and talk about their current situation, would like to know how they feel about the flock, i dont blame them for this. i just want at least any reaction on this.

Also if they even still work on the Flock related stuff, then they maybe should try to make an easy map creator of sorts, or give tutorials for players with wich programms they could build up custom maps. i think that would give the game something good.
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Re: The Game is Dead

Postby dancesintheruins » 09 Aug 2016, 04:13

I'm with you. I figured I'd jump in and try to play after months of not playing because there was no one. Still no one. I am a sad panda.
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